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Rent The Best Skid Loaders Near You

The skid loader is one of the most popular and versatile pieces of machinery on the market, which makes it one of the most difficult to choose.

Picking a skid loader, and the proper skid loader for your specific operation has been proven to give even seasoned specialists stress. Picking among skid loaders in Shippensburg PA might feel like sorting through a textbook of jargon and details, from auxiliary hydraulics to rated working capacity to attachment kinds to lifts.

Since the first skid loader was created in the late 1950s, a lot has happened. The skid loader has gone a long way from a hand-crafted prototype created on a Minnesota turkey farm to the industrial-grade mechanical mules we know today.

Knowing What To Look For When Renting Skid Loaders Chambersburg PA

Skid loaders are versatile in nature which means they can handle a variety of construction tasks but not all of them. Thoroughly review the following unit details to help you pick the ideal skid for your specific task.

Rated Operating Capacity

The rated operational capacity of a skid loader is the amount of load, or weight, that it can transport without tipping or creating severe load problems. In layman's terms, it refers to how much a skid loader can lift.

Rated operating capacity is not the same as operational weight, which is the weight of the piece of equipment with a full tank of fuel and an average-sized machine operator onboard.

Rated operating capabilities are essential in selecting the best skid loader. Higher operational capacity, in general, will handle more difficult weights and lift applications because of their higher-output engines and hydraulic systems.

Dimensions And Weight

Small, medium, or large skid loaders Hanover PA frames will satisfy demands while staying movable and controlled, depending on your key application.

The rated operational capacity and horsepower of a unit determine its frame. Size and weight frames are classified into three broad categories:

  • Large Frames have a minimum rated operational capacity of 2,200 lbs. and at least 70 horsepower.

  • Medium Frames have a rated working capacity of 1,750-2,200 lb. and 50-70 horsepower.

  • Small Frames have a rated working capacity of 1,550-1,750 lb. and roughly 50 horsepower.


Attachments are the next important element to consider when purchasing a skid loader Hanover PA.

Attachments are any extra equipment or extensions you link up to your skid loader to do a certain job, so you'll need to plan ahead of time. Attachments are a less expensive option than purchasing or renting extra single-use tools and equipment, allowing you to carry out a variety of tasks from the comfort of your skid loader cab.

It should be noted, however, that skid loader attachment requires precise quantities of power, which only certain machines can deliver through their hydraulic flows.


Think about the terrain of the place or region where you'll be operating. In general, skid loader wheels perform best on smooth, level, and somewhat sturdy surfaces. They do not perform well in mud or on consistently rough ground. This is a general guideline that applies independent of the frame, rated capacity, lift type, or operational weight.

Type of Lift

Skid loaders are available in two lift configurations: radial and vertical. This is the final key factor to consider when selecting a skid loader for your application since the two kinds have different limitations:

Vertical lifts are commonly used to transfer heavier or taller loads. They also have a greater midway lift cycle reach, allowing them to access areas that other equipment cannot.

Radial Lifts have a design that is more compact and straightforward than their vertical counterpart. It has fewer inner working components and is suited for ground-level load motions such as excavating soil or shifting terrain.

Skid Loaders Rentals

Rent Equip can advise you on the best skid loaders and attachments for your application and can offer you top-notch equipment for rent.

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